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Slumcode social tourism programs


Do you love to travel abroad? Whats really fascinates you about Africa and it’s people? It’s easy to travel as a tourist and come visit all the 5 Star Hotels and Restaurants and experience top notch tourist destinations.

(Well – that’s Quite cool) But wait a moment, don’t you love to go where no tourist goes, hear stories rarely told and visit people many would not? You want to stay with families safely and enjoy a mix of easy and non complicated culture in Kenya, cook and sleep in the countryside with very safe pit latrines but oooh no electricity in the night – only cricket sounds and mowing cows. This welcomes a peaceful dark night of sleep and nice sunny weather in the morning in readiness for some local breakfast.

Our partnership with Ruben Baarda of  Interesting Internships – Netherlands to give you exactly that and more. Hanne Mulder and Lonneke Van Gastel from The Netherlands recently visited with Albert and Ann and had an amazing 11 day experience. See their photo story #TembeaKenya #MathareSlums #KisumuCity #SafariAfrika #HurumaTours #AfricaFamilies

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