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March2Greatness Campaign 2016 – 2020


#March2Greatness Campaign is a rallying call to create awareness and mobilize resource partners to collaborate in working with us to realize the most ambitious youth led project in Kenya’s history in line with our slumcode-centremission –

“to create a space for talent, innovation and knowledge building amongst our creative but less privileged budding youthful entrepreneurs to identify, access, and leverage technology based platforms and resources through research, experiment, incubation and training for solutions in creating jobs.”

Today we have conceptualized and built a campaign to launch Phase Two of OUR STORY.


THE SLIC LAB short for The Slumcode Innovations and Creatives Hub project has an estimated costs for the 1st of it kind space targeting the East Side population of Nairobi of Kshs. 500,000,000.00 (USD – 5M) to be implemented in a 4 Phase Strategy 2016 – 2020.

  1. Creation, Development and Launch of a Theme Song Audio/Video to mobilize public a buy-in for the campaign and raise initial resources to identify and purchase a 6 Acre Land along Kangundo road.
  2. Engage young Engineers to  #Draft #Design #Model the building or space and Unveil a Model Facility and launch various fundraising models and partnerships.
  3. Ground Breaking ceremony to begin construction to host numerous business and office space for rental tenancy.
  4. Occupation and Unveiling for business.

This ambitious plan incorporates brilliant minds majorly Youth Led Entities who will create a compelling call to action via Creative Media Models to rally massive support for this project. Our hub will partner with community school and offer free services to children, subsidized rates for young entrepreneurs and students while premium services will be designed for other key users locally and internationally. Sustainability will be through this business model.

Slumcode beneficiaries currently handling  and managing own initiatives/companies will be key stakeholders in this process. This team will coordinate, manage and run the entire campaign to its ultimate success.


The Slumcode Group was founded back in 2006 by a young person whose family had moved to Huruma Estate from Ofafa Jericho (both located in the EastSide of Nairobi traditionally considered low income regions).

Albert Nashon – an active and spontaneous street smart fellow – influenced his peers including artists, students and other jobless youth in the area who usually frequented his small computer and stationery shop named Owynett Place to relax and share their daily stories.

This space later became the 1st cyber cafe in the area running on a landline analogue connection and also offering computer lessons to youth from the area.

11 Years later – The Slumcode Group has served it beneficiaries through a resource centre in Huruma where hundreds of young people were mentored and this history is OUR STORY. We have been setting the pace for community driven development in line with the Millennium Development Goals today progressed to Sustainable Development Goals #4 & #9  That was Phase One of our dream. 

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