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#March2Greatness Campaign Concept

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What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.  Pericles on Legacy.


#March2Greatness is an ambitious youth initiative aiming to create massive awareness and mobilize resources and resource partners to help realize The Slumcode Innovations and Creatives Hub – a first of it’s kind to serve young talented aspiring entrepreneurs from Nairobi’s East Side communities.


Alpreneurs MeetingOur mission to create a safe space for collaboration and self-development in Low-income neighborhoods as championed by its vision, an informed and connected people living sustainable livelihoods” is our basis for the cause.

No one considers putting a co-working space, innovations hubs, virtual offices, accelerators or creative studios anywhere in the low-income regions a worthy cause – where does that leave the masses of talent living in these neighborhoods day and night, how many are aware or can make an effort to access the affluent spaces frequently? We must bridge the gap and collaborate better and with ease of access to good standards of service.


Slumcode Events#1.Sensitization, Mobilization, and PublicityYoung Slumcode beneficiaries have created a Musical Anthem in Audio (in play) and Video version to be released during International Youth Day 2018.

#2. Local Meetups and Forums Slumcode Alumni are creating and hosting sessions at the current mini innovation hub which will simulate our bigger vision. This will help share success stories and mentoring others. We shall be releasing short clips sporadically by these young talents.

#3. #AdventureWithPurposeIs our Call To Action mantra to rally global participation in the cause and shall underscore major activities to happen in the next few weeks and months.


# HikeOfTheGreat: Our Mt. Kilimanjaro Hike slotted for December 2018 targeting 60 Bold, Courageous and Fearless Global Citizens ready to live and leave a legacy in Africa. Each will get a Hikers Tag Number to raise 5,895 Euros for the all expense paid hike. Our Concept Lead and Founder’s number is #CODE5895001 in line with the highest peak of this Mountain @5895M – Uhuru Point.

 All are welcome to take a code and challenge their limiting beliefs.

#March2Greatness #Kilimanjaro2018 #HikeOfTheGreat #AdventureWithPurpose


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