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Embrace the good Reject the Fear

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Many times we are prone to reject change in various aspects of our lives because our minds and systems have not been wired to comprehend, accept and condition around its purpose in our being. Our reaction normally is ;What are all these? I don’t understand – how exactly did someone come up with this, Are you sure it will work?

The Story of Andreas M. Stanopoulos who is an expert, security, entrepreneur, coder, hacker, author, humanist, pacifist working on crypto-currencies, author of Mastering Bitcoin & The Internet of Money made an amazing explanation on the Internet of Things and The Internet of Money, he says Bitcoin (Money Disruption) today is where the internet was in the 1990s. You can choose the be him or like the Mother and wait upon acceptability of disruptive innovations of this century or be positioned, take advantage, grow exponentially.

This is his story of the internetI remember trying to explain the internet to my mum, it was almost an impossible task she couldn’t understand where the browser started, which part of the window were part of the internet and which were her own computer, she didn’t understand any of this http//: business, the difference between a website and an email, and infact her first email was almost 20 years after my first email because it first had to get much easier. I was on the internet in 1989 – I was 17 years old and a geek – to use Linus to send email. My mum was never going to get the gist and hang of that. I saw it and I thought this is gonna change the world, connecting computers to each other and being able to talk to people in other countries – this is mind blowing. I share it with everyone including my parents – who didn’t understand nor believe me. They asked me to go into my room and do my homework.

20 years later my mum sent her first email, but in order to do that first we had to invent Wifi, websites and Ipads – now she got it.


Bitcoin is today where the internet was in the late 80s early 90s. weird, geeky, difficult to understand and it is going to change the World just like the internet, possibly bigger. This represents a complete revolution i how money is done The possibility of anyone around the World being able to download an app, and immediately access a secure multinational, neutral form of money that could be transmitted anywhere in the world to anyone who chooses to download this app without any intermediaries, interference, borders, delays, Monday to Friday, without 9-5 and we are closed on Sunday. Just as easily as we send an email, sending money to anyone in the world – it is now possible.

Bitcoin introduced a system of money that is a protocol, that is an internet communication mechanism and but first it had to completely redefine how we do money but first it had to completely redefine trust.

For more of this listen to Embrace the good Reject the fear by Andreas 

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