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Courtesy Bridgesport Uni. Hand pointing at a Entrepreneur word illustration on blue background.

Courtesy Bridgesport Uni. Hand pointing at a Entrepreneur word illustration on blue background.

en·tre·pre·neur  : noun

 ….a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

The Alpreneur (brand) is a young person (Mentee) of either gender aged between 10 – 35 undergoing a defined coaching plan with The Slumcode Group. We identify #Talent, make it a #Passion and finally monetize it into a #Business.

This program concept is inspired by our Founder – Albert Nashon, who’s background and upbringing was literally self inspired (No mentor, advisor, role model, coach…..) He therefore learned the ropes through self awareness and intuition to become who he is today : An Entrepreneur, A Mentor, A Public Speaker and Founder of a Social Economic Empowerment Organization that has transformed and inspired many young people. Albert, believes in lighting other peoples candles and therefore wanted to ensure young needy persons do not miss out on a chance to be adequately exposed to new ideas, processes and opportunities because of limited resources.

The Program helps the mentee build personal stamina and business acumen |Responsibly|Passionately|Creatively while developing own |Dreams|Passion|Vision | They map Life plans and processes to succeed early in life.

These group will ultimately receive some seed funding (Interest Free) and business connection from Partners.

As The Alpreneur, Albert seeks Mentors and other supporting professionals who are established and accomplished personalities in their fields towards realizing this project’s vision.

Alpreneurs Meeting Prince Krew EmpirePROCESS AND PROGRAM DESIGN :

a) Registration Kshs. 300.00

b) Introduction and Networking

c) Needs Analysis and Positioning

d) Training and Guidance

e) Placing and Resource Mapping

f) Monitoring and Growth Evaluation

g) Events and Award Sessions

i) Alumni Plan.

Our programs under this brand include : Core Errands | Entrepreneurship Training | Talent Promotion | Events